Special Offers:

Our current live offers are shown as the lead banner on the main page of the store. We only run 1 special offer at a time.

If you have seen a special offer on another site, away from Soul-Tees.co.uk, it is not valid unless the offer is currently advertised on our main page.


On a discount coupon website you see an offer "30% off everything with this coupon"

If you cannot download a coupon then there is no special offer. Please do not place an order then ask us to refund you the balance.

We will not honour any coupon or discount code that is not advertised on our own website. We do not advertise on these sites ourselves, they set up dummy offer to drive traffic through their own sites. They have nothing to do with us.

Old / Discontinued Special Offers:

We do not mix and match between old and current offers.


You have previously received a "Free shipping offer for spending over £80" 

If this offer is no longer shown on the lead banner then it has been withdrawn. Most likely because it has been replaced with a different discount. We will not under any circumstance honour previous discounts if they have been withdrawn.