All orders are custom manufactured in our facility in Valencia - normally on the day of payment - then couriered to Madrid Airport for worldwide distribution through the mail system there.

Average delivery times through January & February are approximately:
Spain                                                                            3-7 days
UK / Europe (ex Italy & Some Greek Islands)       7-14 days
Rest Of World                                                             14-30 days

99% of items arrive on schedule, if they don't please message us confirming your full address you expected it at. Most items that do not arrive in this time are normally just held up in the postal system, so don't panic.
If you require delivery by a specific date, such as you're going on holiday, to an event or it's a gift, please contact us before you place the order for time-guaranteed courier pricing

Delivery times shown are an average. They ship by either regular or registered mail. They are not time guaranteed unless you have paid for a time specific service such as courier.


If you paid for 1-2 t-shirts then it will ship by regular mail, which does not have a tracker. If you ordered a Hoody, Sweatshirt or 3 or more items we can send you the tracking information on request.